Bully Prevention

Bully Prevention

United States Taekwondo is giving kids the skills to deal with Bullies. Children in Buda, Texas no longer need to be victims of bullying.

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See what Parents in Buda, Texas are saying about our martial arts kids program!

Corrynn Phillips

When my son came home from school and became withdrawn and moody, I knew that something was wrong. It turns out that he was being picked on by some of his classmates. United States Taekwondo‘s bully prevention program has helped immensely

Jim Gildea

When my son was having trouble in school, I asked around and discovered that a few of his friends were enrolled in the Bully Prevention program at United States Taekwondo in Buda, Texas. We decided to give it a try and it was the best decision that we ever made.

Connie Grayson

Within a few classes at United States Taekwondo, our daughter was already showing more self-confidence and was back to her normal self. She is learning how to deal with stress and to speak up. I am overjoyed with the difference that United States Taekwondo is making in her life.