Have you ever wanted to be “average” at something? Do you know anyone who says they want to be “average?” Chances are the answer is a definitive “no.” Yet, it is beyond doubt that most people are not much better than “average” at anything they do. This can be a frightening thought in some cases. Read More

  School is out for the foreseeable future. Everything entertaining is closed. You’re likely at your wits end trying to figure out what to do with your kids. Do you force them to study? Let them watch TV or play video games all day? Try to teach them something yourself? Tie them up so you Read More

Karate friends

Imagine Your Kid With More Confidence! Actually, if your kid is already training with us at United States Taekwondo in Buda, Texas, you are most likely already witnessing it first hand. Confidence building is woven into the very fabric of our karate program! How does it work? It begins from the moment a student sets Read More

As adults, it is easy to forget how we developed our social skills and how well we got along with others to influence outcomes and build healthy, positive relationships. Developing social skills is actually not very far from developing cognitive skills or physical capabilities. Improving mental and physical strength can be achieved with constant practice, Read More