James Lockett and student

How Can I Support My Child?


As a parent, you no doubt want to help your child succeed in anything they do. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Encourage your child! Try to praise their effort more than their ability.

2. Provide your child with a safe place to practice at home. As with any other skill, repetition is needed to master skills. You can help to keep your child accountable for this practice, but remember—practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect!

3. Take class with your child! You have the rare opportunity to participate in an activity along side your child. Not only will you reap the benefits of training for yourself, but you’ll be creating life-long memories as you accomplish goals together.

If you’re a current student at our school, keep up the great work, and if you haven’t joined our team yet, visit us online at BudaKarate.com, shoot us an email, or call us at 737-999-4004.

BudaKarate.com and United States Taekwondo is the only Taekwondo school in Buda recognized by Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters in Korea)!

Founded in 2017 by Master James Lockett, a 5th degree Black Belt and Master Instructor, United States Taekwondo offers Karate lessons for pre-school children ages 3-6 and elementary age kids ages 7 and up that are designed to develop the critical building blocks kids need – specialized for their age group – for school excellence and later success in life.

United States Taekwondo Adult Karate training is a complete adult fitness and conditioning program for adults who want to lose weight, get (and stay in shape) or learn self-defense in a supportive environment.

Instructors can answer questions or be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at UnitedStatesTKD@gmail.com, or you can call directly at 737-999-4004. You can also visit our website at BudaKarate.com.

About Master James Lockett:  James is a fifth-degree black belt and certified master instructor.  He has a Master’s Degree in Education from Framingham State University. He has been teaching martial arts for over 25 years. Master Lockett is a passionate educator who has taught all over the United States and Korea.

United States Taekwondo is just south of Austin in Buda, Texas at 3600 FM 967. United States Taekwondo serves Buda, Kyle, and South Austin.

Never Give Up!

In a day and age where intense competition rules the world, teaching our children the value of not quitting has become a requirement for their ultimate success as self-reliant, capable, caring, and responsible citizens. As the experts always say, it’s best to start early. Young children have the most curious and inquisitive minds which allow them to learn faster. So the sooner you teach your children not to be quitters, the better they’ll remember it and apply it in their lives.

The value of effort

One of the biggest errors made by parents is that they focus on a child’s natural ability to do things rather than the effort he or she puts in. This sends out a wrong message to our children that it is their inherent ability that matters, not what they do. Teaching your children the benefits of putting in effort allows them to learn the values of hard work. No matter how little or great the effort, praising and positively reinforcing your children for their work teaches them to face problems head on.

Failures are a part of our lives and they teach us where we went wrong and what not to do. One of the key steps in teaching your children not to give up is to also teach them how to accept failures, defeat, and loss. If you child has not performed well in school or has misbehaved, ask them to analyze what they’ve done and where they went wrong. Giving into your child’s tantrums and allowing them to quit only sends them the message that they are incapable of succeeding.

Karate is not for quitters!

One of the best ways to teach your child the values of not quitting is to teach them the art of karate. Karate is an ancient form of martial arts that originated in Japan centuries ago, along with related disciplines – some similar, some unique – from the Far East and Middle East as well. Contrary to popular belief, karate is not just a form of self-defense. It definitely does not condone or elicit violent behavior. It is a brilliant art form that teaches its learners discipline and focus. When you enroll your children for karate classes, you give them the opportunity to learn the true value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Karate takes years to master and requires absolute focus and discipline. Apart from all of this, karate also provides a platform for your children to interact and compete with other children, teaching them the importance of sportsmanship and healthy competition. More important than fun or sport, your children will learn the priceless message of what not giving up means.